Robin Reid's background is highly varied. She has been a photographer for over 20 years, was trained as a classical pianist, has a B.A. in International Politics, has worked on Capitol Hill and in radio, danced professionally, and has travelled pretty much everywhere. She believes this helps her understand the differing needs of each business. No cookie-cutter approach for her!
She got into web design because she was disappointed in how her images were being presented on her clients' websites. She discovered that she enjoyed the challenges of web design. So Moxie&Magic was born.
The company name has significance. Moxie – "the ability to face difficulty with spirit; pluck." Just what's needed in dealing with the challenges of graphic design and photography. (It's also the name of her cat, who lives up to his name regularly!) Magic – a friend went to a psychic once, who told her that Robin "made things happen, as if by magic." She tries to make it so!

Fil Hunter is a graphic designer, writer, teacher, and photographer. For people who suspect that's speading himself too thin, he offers his record of accomplishments:

  • Principal designer of three of the six national design awards his company won last year
  • Primary Lead author on the long-term best-selling photographic lighting book (just in the English language edition, not the six foreign language editions, whose sales are harder to track)
  • Teacher of a college photography class whose students in one year won more awards in the school's annual arts competition than all other students in all other art classes combined
  • Winner in four consecutive years of more awards than any other photographer in Virginia's annual professionals-only photographic competition
  • Shot more Time-Life Books covers than any other photographer in the history of that company
  • Wrote his own business management software back when such software was unavailable for small computers